domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

Cuando cae la lluvia...

Esto está ocurriendo cada vez que llueve. Mi gato Benedicto se coloca sobre la panza de mi perro Nobita.
Me encanta verlos juntos.

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  1. That's sweet. Is Nobita one of the puppies you had? How do the pets like Ines? They will until she grabs little handfuls of fur. She is growing so fast. My little grandson Oliver is 1 now and all over and jabbering. He is tiny though, not like his sister Isobel. She grew fat quickly and his is in the 40th percentile. Oh well, they are so cute. How are you doing? Is spring on its way to Chile? It has been 105 degrees here; my garden has burned up as well as some plants. I love summer, but not this hot and dry.


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