miércoles, 10 de marzo de 2010


Amo estos ojos.
¿Por qué será?

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  1. She is precious Maria. In the second picture, she looks like she is cooing to you.

  2. Congratulation for your sweet baby.
    many greetings...

  3. Oh, she`s so lovely! Her eyes and her dark hair, which grows down to the brow. My little girls even had hair on the move and shoulders.
    They looked like a little monkey - oh, this was wonderful - I think with so much love in this time.
    enjoy it - time passes so quickly
    I always used to laught, when old people say that.
    But now, as a mother of three, I know that it is true, and I enjoy every moment.

    Has your baby earrings? So she is already a lady!!!! ;))

    I look forward to many more photos!!!

    greetings from austria


  4. So sweet she got her ears pierced when born.
    i had to wait for a whole 2 months for Luci to get hers. without the first DTap shot they just wont pierced them here. :/ she cried so much. :/ anyways, Inesita is just too beautiful. <3


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